Are you contemplating using 360LV.COM for Virtual Tour Services?  Great!  Let's get started!  The first thing you will want to do after reading this page is determine which "Package" you would like to best fit your property.  After you have educated yourself on our services, head over to the "Place An Order" page to finish up. 

Some properties are very big and would require many 360 scenes and unlimited still shots.  Another property you have might be a small condo where only a few photos and 360s would be necessary.  Let's go through our services now and you can pick which would best match your property.

Still-Shot Photography

"Before" Picture 1
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"Before" Picture 2
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"After" 360LV.COM's Processing
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Quite a few REALTORSŪ have developed their own web sites and have bought a digital camera for this purpose.  Unless you are a professional photographer, chances are very good the pictures taken resemble our "Before" pictures above.  In the "Before" pictures, two things are common:  either the interior is too dark and the windows look alright or the interior is alright and now the windows are blown out.  Don't feel bad if your pictures look like this.  By design, even very high-end DSLR cameras can only take pictures at one exposure or the other. 

We take 9, yes 9, pictures of every still-shot we capture.  These pictures range from darkest to brightest exposures.  These 9 pictures are then ran through specialized software to bring out the best parts of the photos and combine them into one image.  Now, the picture is usable for us.  We then spend extensive time color correcting all parts of the image until it is to our satisfaction.  The "After" picture above is an example of how this same picture looks once we have processed it.  Not only can you see inside the home with vibrant colors, but you can also see out the windows and notice the pool in the back yard too.  Quite a noticeable difference, isn't it?

We understand the rules GLVAR binds you as a REALTORŪ by.  We know from the time you list a property, you only have a short time to get photos posted.  The moment we have processed the still-shots for a property, we send these to you via Email at the highest resolution the MLX program will accept.  We also know about Virtual Tour branding rules and will provide you with links for the Agent to Agent remarks field as well as the Virtual Tour fields once the Virtual Tour is completed. 

Slide Show

If your property is large in size and many still-shots are required to completely capture the entire property, it makes sense to order a package with a Slide Show.  We take all of the processed still-shots, put this into another special software to create a production unlike no other!  Potential homebuyers will be treated to a Slide Show with transition effects (how the pictures change from one to the next), motion effects (panning, tilting, zooming on the picture) and it is all synchronized to music.

If you have seen other slide show software, the pictures are usually small in size and don't really show off the photography and the details.  Our software allows you to view the pictures in a small format (for older PC's with average video cards and internet connection speeds) or a full-screen format (for newer PC's with strong video cards and fast internet connection speeds).  Click on the picture below to start the sample slide show.  Once it begins, mouse over the pictures, and click on the expand icon in the lower right corner to make it full-screen.  To return to normal size, press the "Esc" or Escape key on your keyboard.

Virtual Tour

A Virtual Tour allows the viewer to look around within the scene as if they were really there.  They can look up at the ceiling and notice that crown molding or that crystal chandelier.  The viewer can look all the way down at the floor and notice special tile work.  They can look in any direction they like.  Virtual Tours are much different than a Slide Show.  The scenes are interactive!  The viewer controls what they look at and how.  We use the same photography techniques as we do with our still shots, but the process to create an interactive, 360-degree Virtual Tour is much more time intensive.  It is truly a way to showcase each and every property. 

One other way 360LV.COM stands out from the competition is to provide "hot spots" within the tour.  These hotspots allow the viewer to "navigate" within the home to travel from one room to another.  This gives them a good idea of the layout and which rooms connect to others.  Please click on the image below to see a sample of a Virtual Tour.  Use the icon to make the virtual tour full screen.  To exit full screen mode, press "Esc" or escape on your keyboard.


Depending on the package you choose, we including special documents with the Virtual Tour.  This includes a "Property Info" page.  This page is right from the MLS and includes key pieces of information that can help potential homebuyers make that final decision on whether to purchase or not.  Another document we include on some Virtual Tours is a Custom Flyer.  This document is in Adobe format.  You are the REALTORŪ can print the flyer out and make copies or take the file to a local copier in your area to get copies made for you.  If you would rather not be bothered by copies, we at 360LV.COM can make copies for you as well and deliver these to your office or the property.

Interactive Map

Another feature we offer depending on your package is an Interactive Map powered by Google Maps.  This shows the location of the property and allows viewers to get directions to the property.

Additional Services

In addition to the services mentioned above, we offer "a la carte" services to add an extra scene or additional still-shots to your packages.  Have a property that has spectacular night views?  We can come shoot the property in the evening and add these shots to the day time shots for a truly complete Slide Show!  We also offer CD's for those home sellers who are extremely attached to their properties as a way to remember their home before selling.  Have another idea that isn't mentioned here?  Give us a call at (702) 561-0008 and let us know.

Commercial Tours

Are you a business or resort in the Las Vegas area that would like a professional tour of your property?  360LV.COM offers unbranded tours that you can buy and own the rights to.  These types of tours can be blended into your current web pages to truly showcase your property.  Call us today at (702) 561-0008 for pricing!